Enough is Enough!


I am here today with an EXTREMELY heavy heart. I’m sad, angry, disappointed and most of all my soul is deeply disturbed because of the senseless acts by those who were sworn to protect and serve the community. 

How are we suppose to feel SAFE and TRUST law enforcement officers when “they” are the ones doing the unwarranted killings?  Something MUST BE DONE!! We can no longer sit around and wait to see if things will get any better or remain silent. We MUST speak up and DEMAND a change!!! The officers involved MUST be held accountable for their actions as well.

We NEED justice for the victims!

My heart goes out not only to Alton Sterling and Philando Castile’s family but to all of those who have lost a loved one to these heinous acts. May their soul rest peacefully.

Police brutality must STOP! 

Only By Grace


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