My Dog is a Life Saver



It all happened on a normal day. We had just recently moved into our home and I was doing laundry as normal. My daughter was upstairs in her bedroom and I was in mine on the phone when my dog (which is a toy poodle) came barking. Now she’s VERY territorial which means she barks ALOT but this particular time and type of bark was unusual. We knew something was wrong.

We began asking her what was the matter? At first, I thought maybe she had heard someone or something.  She began going back and forth from my door to the top of the stairs. I  knew I needed to take precaution and see what was going on so, I ended my call. I walked out of my room and made my way downstairs. Right, when I reached the second set of stairs I immediately saw smoke! I noticed it was coming from the laundry room.

Then it FINALLY happened…the smoke detector decided to finally start going off.  I proceeded to go on into the laundry room to see exactly what it was that was causing all of the smoke and if it was potentially a fire. Everything was happening so quickly at this point.

As I walked into the laundry room, all I could see was smoke and no fire that I was aware of. It was difficult to see but I made my way to unplugged the dryer and then the washing machine because at that point I was unsure as to which one was causing the problem. In the midst of that,  I had to run and turn off the alarm because by this time the smoke had traveled and set the alarm off. I knew I did not want fire trucks coming and I “had things under control”.

On top of all that, my husband was calling! Boy Oh Boy was I happy to hear his voice!!!! I was trying to tell him what was happening and he was asking questions. I was trying to talk and he was saying he was on his way home. It was just too much!

Through all of this, I think know my precious pooch was much BETTER than a smoke detector/alarm because she alerted me before any of those went off. I am grateful for her because this could have ended another way. Sometimes I think about what if I would have ignored her barking or been too engaged in my phone conversation. The malfunction of the machine would have possibly ended much worse.


Only By Grace




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