Staples Shopping Trip

I decided to stop by Staples on my way home to see if they had any deals  and I’m thrilled at the bargains I found. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but I did end up purchasing something that was on my list of things needed. So, the trip ended up being well worth it.


I absolutely love candles. I was actually on my way out of the store when I saw the candles on a table marked 50% off. I turned around quickly and when back inside to see what fragrances they had available. Now, I know I really didn’t need anymore but they were too good to pass up. It’s not like you find Yankee Candles under $12 for a 22 oz. size.

I purchased the following scents:

  • Tropical Pineapple
  • Blooming Jasmine
  • Coral Shores



The Be Happy sign can be hung on the wall or free standing. I do like the look and what it says but it was actually purchased because I’m going to need it to do a DIY. It’s the shape and size I was looking for. It was $4 so I was Happy.



This Office sign was $1. Can you say SOLD? It was definitely going home with me.



The Be Brave coffee mugs were $1 each so I decided to get them both. They have a gold handle which makes it look fancy.  You can’t go wrong with coffee mugs and quite ones at that.


Oh and the Clorox wipes were also on clearance.  I purchased these because I simply needed some. I use these on a regular basis so this purchase wasn’t out of the ordinary.

file box

Lastly, I found this wooden Letter/Legal file box. I was ecstatic because I saw one on a company’s website for $50! Now granted it wasn’t a file storage box but it’s the same wooden box concept.  The one on the website was just what I was looking for but NOT for that price. I told my husband if I can’t find one any cheaper then we’ll have to make one. Thank goodness I found this one for $9.


Hopefully, you enjoyed this shopping experience and stay tuned for more.




Zzzquil Review

Today’s review will be coming from one of my daughters who sometimes have trouble falling to sleep.

Zzzquil is great for those times when you need a little extra help sleeping. I love that it’s non-habit forming. It takes me 30 minutes to an hour to fall asleep. When I get up, I still feel a little groggy so that wouldn’t be beneficial for work or school days unless I go to sleep earlier than normal. The price is also reasonable.

  • ZzzQuil is not for pain. It is just for Sleep.
  • When taking ZzzQuil, you should give yourself 7-8 hours to sleep.
  • Take as directed.
  • Intended for occasional use.

As with any over the counter medication, please consult your physician before use.

Thanks Influenster for this sample.

***Disclaimer: I received this product to test and review but all opinions are my own.


Be the Best You

We are perfectly imperfect
and beautiful within
because beauty isn’t skin deep
it’s deeper than the skin

We are who we allow ourselves to become
we get what we give, we give what we get
so give it your all
and don’t ever give up

Be the best you
be the person you want to be
just remember to be yourself
not who others want to see

This day is yours
it belongs to no one but you
put one foot in front of the other
and take a step closer
to making all your dreams come true

You are perfectly imperfect
and this is okay
because no one is flawless
no one is perfectly made

You are beautiful within
and your smile reflects
the love inside your heart
So, share a grin
and let others see who you are

Be the best you
just be who you are inside
be the person that makes you happy
and live your best life

By Laura Strickland